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Mice & Rats

Mice & Rats

Mice and Rats (Rodent Control)

Rats are intelligent, shrewd, cunning and sensitive creatures. They rely more on smell, taste, touch and hearing than seeing, as their visual senses are poor. Rats damage structure and materials because of their gnawing habits. They gnaw even through lead pipes and electric wires. Rats eat about 10% of their body weight each day and contaminate much more with their urine and faecal pallets. Rats are nocturnal in habit and cannot be seen during the day. If they are seen during day, it is a sure sign that a tremendous population exists.

Mouse as Pests


It is an integrated bating process in which the area infested with rodents is baited with fast killing and slow killing baits. Poison baiting is considered as one of the most popular, effective and humane ways of non-anticoagulants. Various types of bait- chemicals are mixed with the baits like grains of wheat, rice, cake biscuit powder, fresh coriander leaves etc. and are technically placed where rodents often visit. They will eat the baits and die. Even non-food baits like rodenticide cakes are used to control the nuisance of rats.

Glue Boards

The glue boards are ideal for catching rodents in areas where poison baiting or traps are not advisable such as home, children’s play areas, schools, colleges, hospitals, offices, malls, restaurants etc.

The glue boards, which we use are instant catch-on-contact glues, along with potent irresistible food scent attractants. We place the glue boards along the rats’ route and as the rats walk onto the trap it gets stuck for life. The traps can be easily disposed off by you. The glue boards that we shall be using is safe, Non-Toxic, Effective, Convenient, Easy to use, Eco-friendly, clean & Easy disposal and long-lasting. It has also been tested under diverse climatic conditions.

Burrow Fumigation

Fumigation technique is one of the excellent means of controlling rodents at the open and external premises of buildings, etc. Our Technicians make a thorough search of borrows/ openings in the premises. Only through one opening, the recommended dosage of fumigants is applied. Immediately after fumigation, the opening is sealed with pebbles, mortar or cement to avoid the escape of fumigants, thus killing a huge population of rats inside the burrows.

We undertake this treatment by giving fortnightly / monthly visits depending upon the AMC (Contract) requirements to control the nuisance of rats and make your premises free from rodents.

At Times the dead rodents cannot be located by the client and it starts emitting foul smell. At such times we should be informed of the same, so that we can send our operators to detect the dead rodent and spray that particular place with a disinfectant.

Although we employ various methods mentioned above for rodent control, we cannot prevent the rodents coming from far away or surrounding areas to the place where treatment is already done. If they come in contact with the baits they will eat it and die.

Our Most Popular Services

Cockroaches Services

Cockroaches are nocturnal, feeding and foraging at night and hiding during the day. If they are seen during daylight, it is a sure sign that a tremendous population exists. In addition, cockroaches may carry bacteria that cause various gastrointestinal disorders such as Cholera, Typhoid, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Asthama and Food Poisoning.

Mosquitoes & Flies Services

Mosquitoes & flies transmit cholera, dysentery, malaria, dengue and many other dreaded diseases.
Our integrated control measures comprise of treating the area of breeding, controlling adult nuisance & preventing re-occurrence.
We have effective control measures with our multi-pronged program for these pests.

Termites Services

Termites erroneously known as ‘White Ants’ are divided into two types, one is Subterranean or Ground nesting termites & the other is Non-subterranean or wood nesting termites having no contact with soil. Termites seek entry through cracks at the junction of the floor & wall, on the floor surface owing to construction defects and even RCC floors.

Therefore termite attack on buildings, wooden items, etc are like attack of Cancer on human body as the peculiarity of termite attack is such that by the time we observe a slight suspicion of attack heavy damage is already done. You will therefore realize that prevention is better than cure & earlier it is treated the better it is for you.

Bed Bugs Services

They are widely distributed & common pests in residential & commercial places. When Bed bugs bite they inject a fluid into the skin that assists in sucking blood. This fluid produces an allergic reaction on the skin, which causes swelling, itching & burning sensation. It is important to get this treatment done as soon as you see a slight infestation, as bed bugs multiply at a very fast rate.

Mice & Rats Services

Rodent control treatment is to control the nuisance of all types of rats. Rats are intelligent, shrewd, cunning & sensitive creatures. They are responsible for causing many diseases. They are nocturnal but if seen them during the day it shows a sure sign that a tremendous population exists and it is imperative to take Mice control treatment without any delay.

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